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The solar flares release energy that affect the near Earth environment and particularly a part of the atmosphere called ionosphere.

Through monitoring of the propagation of radio communication signals, this station aims at detecting some of the ionospheric effects resulting from solar flares. Those effects are known as Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances, or SIDs.

This station is an amateur observatory located in France. Operational since early 2006, it has received the AAVSO observer code A118 in July 2006 and provides data to a coordinated network of observers around the world.

This website gives you access to real time measurements collected by the station and to a database of SID events observed so far.

I have also include general and basic information related to ionosphere, and to Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances and their detection principle.

This website aims also at providing information for building your own station. The construction of the various parts is described: the VLF antenna, the VLF receiver and the data acquisition and processing software.

I hope you will enjoy this site. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome, so do not hesitate!

Latest News

SID receiver circuit boards are out of stock
30 Jun 2013 14:35 UTC
Production of another batch is not planned.
Fix of a bug in the data plot
11 May 2013 21:19 UTC
A problem in a script could limit the number of displayed data channels. This problem is now corrected and all nine channels can be shown on the same graph.
Update of the list of Time Stations
10 May 2013 17:50 UTC
The Time Signal Stations kml file (Google Earth) was updated with new stations.
Solar Activity Plots evolutions
07 May 2013 22:20 UTC
Several changes were done to the solar activity page to improve the graphs clarity. Also, a new plot showing the sunspot number was added.
GOES Primary Satellite Change
26 Nov 2012 08:15 UTC
GOES-15 Returns as Primary X-ray Sensor. The X-ray measurements shown on this site account for this change that took place on November 19, 2012.

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