Calculation of upper and lower envelopes of a dataset (envelope)

envelope is a command line utility that calculates the upper and lower envelopes of a dataset.

The upper envelope is obtained by a cubic spline interpolation of the dataset maximas. Similarily, the lower envelope is obtained by a cubic spline interpolation of the dataset minimas.


$ envelope -i test.txt -o test_out.txt -vvv
Reading file test.txt ...
Read 2650 entries.
Aberrant Limit 1.80e+308.
Saving data to test_out.txt
The graph here below shows how a dataset (gray) is bounded by lower (green) and upper (red) envelopes.
Example of envelope calculations


envelope has been developped in C ANSI. It has been tested on Linux platforms (gcc) as well as on Windows (Visual Studio C++)

Current version is 1.0.0.
envelope binary and source can be downloaded through anonymous SVN at the following address:

Change Log


Under Windows, the binary runs directly without installation.
Under Linux, the classic installation steps are used: ./configure, make, make install. Please read the INSTALL file from the package for details.


] [-o ]
      [-a    .
    a	Threshold for aberrant values suppression. Difference between two
   		consecutive data must not exceed the specified value.
   		Aberrant values suppression is not enabled by default.
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