LocConverter converts coordinates between the Maidenhead locator system and latitude/longitude.

LocConverter can be used using a graphical user interface or through command line.

Graphical User Interface

The interface of LocConverter is shown below:
LocConverter screen

The user needs to precise latitude/longitude to get the corresponding Maidenhead locator. He can also indicate a given locator to obtain the corresponding latitude/longitude coordinates. Options allow to show coordinates in decimal degrees or DMS, and to precise the number of decimals.

Command Line Interface

Additionaly, the tool can be used in command line mode by invoking the program LocConverter.exe.
LocConverter.exe --longitude "0 0 0E" --latitude -12.3
LocConverter.exe --locator AB16JK12
73° 34' 22.50" S 177° 14' 15.00" W]]>
Help on the command line options are available by invoking:
>LocConverter.exe --help


Current version is

LocConverter binary and source can be downloaded through anonymous SVN at the following address:

LocConverter has been developped in C# under Visual Studio Express 2008.
It has been tested under Linux Ubuntu 9.10/Mono, and under Windows XP/.NET 2.0.



Under Windows, it is necessary to install :
Under Linux, it is necessary to install :

Help (for the command line interface version)

 --latitude  [--pairs ]
    Determines the locator corresponding to a given latitude/longitude.

    longitude String or real longitude value. Many formats are accepted.
              Positive values in the eastern hemisphere.
    latitude  String or real latitude value. Many formats are accepted.
              Positive values in the northern hemisphere.
    pairs     Number of pairs of the generated locator string.
              From 1 to 6. Default is 3 (field+square+subsquare).

  LocConverter --locator  [--precision ] [--decimal]
    Determines the latitude/longitude corresponding to a given locator.

    locator   String locator value to convert.
    precision Number of digits used to represent the decimal part
              of the seconds field.
              From 0 to 15. Default is 2.
    decimal   Displays latitude/longitude as decimal degrees, instead of DMS.
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