-- SID Monitor Overview
-- Installation
-- Graphical User Interface
--- Menubar
--- Graph Area
--- Date Tab
--- Channels Tab
--- GOES Tab
--- Message Pane
--- Status Bar
--- Notification Icon
--- Options
---- Options Startup
---- Options Data Acquisition
---- Options Channels
---- Options Database
---- Options Forecast
---- Options Graph
---- Options Report and Alert
---- Options Location
--- Reapply Algorithm Parameters
--- Generate Report
--- View Report
--- Sunrise and Sunset times calculator
--- About information box
-- FAQ
--- FAQ Reports
--- FAQ Databases
--- FAQ Forecast
-- Licence
-- Credits
SID Monitoring Station


Most of the menu items are directly accessible through shortcuts.
Also, as with any Windows application, menu items are accessible by the keyboard after pressing the Alt key.
The menubar contains the following elements:

  • the File menu:
    File Menu It is used for exiting the application ( Exit ).
    Note: one can also use the notification icon.

  • the View menu:
    View Menu It is used for showing the various tabs.

  • the Data menu:
    Data Menu It is used for:
    • starting or stopping the signal level sampling.
      Note: this can also be done through the status bar or the notification icon.
    • Reset Detection Algorithm resetting the history values of the aberrant behavior detection algorithm. This asks the algorithm to forget what it has learnt so far.
      Note: This may be useful after a change in the tuning parameters or if the algorithm is "diverging".
    • Reapply Algorithm Parameters reapplying to the existing data new parameters of the aberrant behavior detection algorithm .
      Note: This may be useful if one wants to process the existing database with a new set of parameters.
      This operation is very demanding in terms of memory (1Gb of RAM is welcome) and of processing time (expect a few tens of minutes to a few hours, depending on the database size.)

  • the Graph menu:
    Graph Menu It is used for:

  • the Reports menu:
    Reports Menu It is used for:

  • the Tools menu:
    Tools Menu It is used for:
    • Sunrise and Sunset Times... accessing the sunrise and sunset times calculator.
    • The "Minimise To Tray" checkbox asks to minimize the application to the system tray only. If set, no SID Monitor tab if present in the Windows taskbar when the application is minimized.
      Note: one can also use the Options/Startup panel.
    • Options... setting application options.

  • the Help menu:
    Help Menu It is used for:
    • Contents Index Search accessing this help information.
    • Check for Updates checking for application updates.
      Note: this option is enabled only for an online installation. Please refer to Installation for more information.
    • About opening the "About..." information box.

Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Lionel Loudet
Home Page: http://sidstation.loudet.org/sidmonitor/
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