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SID Monitoring Station

Message Pane

The message pane logs information, warning and error messages provided by the application.

  • information messages are in black. These messages are not shown if the "Verbose" option is not set (see Tools/Options - Startup).
  • warning message are in orange. Warning message indicate a non-nominal behavior that has no effect or can be recovered without user interaction.
  • error messages are in red. Error messages indicate a serious problem that normally requires user interaction to be solved. For instance, when the serial port is locked by another application.

Each message is logged with the corresponding UTC date and time.

Message Window

The here above message pane example shows information message logged every 20 sec. at each database update. It contains the name of the datasets being updated ("HO23") and the number of elements (here, normally 10 per period, meaning that the signal level is sampled with a 2 sec. resolution).
One warning message has been raised for ADC response timeout, corresponding to either a connection problem with the ADC converter or a CPU limitation (another process has consumed too much CPU and led SID monitor ADC watchdog to raise a timeout). Consequently, the subsequent database update contains only 9 values.

A left click on the message pane raises the contextual menu.

Message Window Contectual Menu It allows to save all logged messages as a RTF file.
Note: one can also use the Reports menu.
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