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Image Graph area

Plots are periodically generated if the graph automatic update is enable, either in the graph menu, the status bar or the notification icon.

Plot content can be adjusted through the date tab, the channels tab and the GOES tab.

Many parameters, such as line colors and refresh period, are defined in the options menu.

Mouse graph interaction


Zoom in and zoom out capabilities are available through the mouse wheel.
Zooming in and out is limited to a factor of about 6 times.
The zoom ratio is shown (if different from 1.0) in the bottom-right of the viewing area.
When the plot size fits entirely in the viewing area, it is not possible to zoom out any further.


If the plot size exceeds the viewing area, the cursor changes to a hand (Hand). It is then possible to pan the graph in any direction by moving the mouse with the left button pressed.
When the plot size fits entirely in the viewing area, the cursor has a cross shape (Cross).

Graph contextual menu

Right-clicking in the graph area opens a contextual menu. This menu allows to:

Graph Contextual Menu
  • Zoom in/out the image without modifying the image resolution:
    Zoom In zoom in,
    Zoom Out zoom out,
    Zoom 1:1 reset zoom factor to 1.0.
    Icons are grayed out if a zoom factor limit is exceeded.
  • Change the image resolution:
    Increase Image Size increase image size,
    Decrease Image Size decrease image size,
    Default Image Size revert to default size.
    Image resolution can be scaled up or down by a factor of about 4.
    Icons are grayed out if an image size limit is exceeded.
  • Update Now Updates the graph image.
  • Save Graph as PNG Save current graph as a PNG file.
    Icon is grayed out if no image is displayed.
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