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SID Monitoring Station

Generate Report Generate Report

The report must follow a format prescribed by the NGDC and the AAVSO.

Note that one report must be generated for each station code. Take care to follow the naming conventions.

Here is an example of report file:

	  AAVSO Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Report
Observer: A---
Station: HO23
Database: sid.0406.rrd
GOES Database: goes.0406.rrd
Date: 04/06

40   060405  1306 1430U1409                 2+    5HO23              A---

40   060405  1518 1650U1521                 3     5HO23              A---

-- end report --

SID Monitor provides help in reducing the data and generating a correct report format.

The Generate Report toolbox is opened through the Reports/GenerateReport menu.

Generate Report

Report Selection

The user has the possibility to:

  • generate a report for a given date, by filling in "Month" and "Year" fields. This is the most straightforward means to use that toolbox.
  • update an existing report.
  • select a specific database.

When a date is being selected, the database and GOES filenames are searched in the current folder is the report is for the current month, or in the history folder that corresponds to the selected month.
When a database file is choosen, the program determines the date and searches for an associated GOES database file.

The corresponding graph can then be displayed in the graph area.
It is possible to select a the graph day and the channels to display. The options "Show Sun", "Show Forecast", "Show Primary GOES" and "Show Secondary GOES" are available and have the same affect as in the main window graph area.The graph area offers the same functionalities (zoom and pan) as the main window graph area.

When an existing report file is selected, the events contained in the report file are displayed in the Events table.

If the associated channels and GOES database are present in the same directory as the selected report, they are indicated in the "Channels database" and "GOES database" fields.
The databases are searched in the following locations:

  • first from the "Database:" and the "GOES Database" fields of the header of the report file;
  • then from the filenames sid.MMYY.rrd and goes.MMYY.rrd, where MM and YY are respectively the month and the year of the report;
  • finally from the filenames sid.rrd and goes.rrd.

The Output pane displays specific messages indicating the status of the operations.

Events Modification

A contextual menu allows to add, edit or delete events from the table. The same operations can be done through the "File/Edit" Menu.
Generate Report

Selecting "Add Event" (Add Event) opens a windows to fill in the SID event information. More information on the format of the report file and on the definition on the fields is available in the Reports FAQ.

Selecting "Edit Event" (Edit Event) opens a windows to fill in the SID event information.

Selecting "Delete Event" (Delete Event) deletes the events currently selected in the table.


The menubar contains the following elements:

  • the File menu:
    File Menu It is used for:
    • Open Database loading a database file.
      Note: one can also use the "Select..." button from the Report pane.
    • Open Report loading a report file.
      Note: one can also use the "Select..." button from the Report pane.
    • Save saving report files.
    • saving empty report files.
      Note: this allows to create empty report files for station code that do not have events to save.
    • Exit closing the "Generate Report" toolbox.

  • the View menu:
    View Menu It is used for showing the various tabs.

  • the Edit menu:
    Edit Menu It is used for adding (Add Event), editing (Edit Event) and deleting (Delete Event) SID events from the Events pane.
    Note: one can also use the contextual menu of the Events pane.

  • the Help menu:
    Help Menu It is used for accessing this help information (Contents Index Search).

Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Lionel Loudet
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