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SID Monitoring Station

Notification Icon Notification Icon

A notification icon is present in the system tray of the windows taskbar (notification area).

Notification Icon

A double-click on the icon hides or restores the application main window.
If the "Minimize to Tray" option is set, when SID Monitor is minimized, no tab is present in the taskbar to save space.

The notification icon is in color ( Active Notification Icon ) when the data sampling is running and in grey ( Inactive Notification Icon ) when the data sampling is stopped.

A right-click on the icon raises a contextual menu that allows:

Notification Icon Contextual Menu
  • starting or stopping the signal level sampling.
    Note: one can also use the status bar or the Data menu.
  • starting or stopping the automatic update of the graph display.
    Note: one can also use the status bar or the Graph menu.
  • Image exiting the application.
    Note: one can also use the File menu.
  • restoring the application main window.
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