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SID Monitoring Station

Image Options Graph


This panel sets the periodicity of the graph update. Automatic update of the graph is enabled or disable through the Graph menu, the status bar or the notification icon contextual menu .

Sun Options

It is also used to choose the colors for the twilight and night bands that are displayed on the plot. They can be used to correlate signal level sunrise and sunset patterns with actual sunrise and sunset times. The channels pane is used to enable the display of the bands.

Forecast Options

Parameters for the display of forecast algorithm results are available in this panel.

Failures The color of the failure marks can be choosen. These marks indicate when the algorithm has detected an aberrant behavior.

Confidence Bands The color of the confidence bands calculated by the forecast algorithm can also be selected. The color is obtained by a lightening of the corresponding channel line color. Each band (1 σ, 2 σ, 3 σ) has its own fading parameter. The effect of the color fading can be previewed for a selectable color.

The channels pane is used to enable the display of the failure marks and of the confidence bands.
More information on the forecast algorithm can be found here.

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